Daily Tearsheet: Visa’s Parslow on modernizing B2B payments, how Akoya is using APIs to scrape away screen scraping, and introducing the T-POP Conference

  • Tearsheet is launching its The Power of Payments Conference -- T-POP -- this September.
  • Also, Visa is trying to solve for SMB payments.

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Daily Tearsheet: Visa’s Parslow on modernizing B2B payments, how Akoya is using APIs to scrape away screen scraping, and introducing the T-POP Conference

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Tearsheet Podcast: 'There's no reason why B2B payments shouldn't be as modern as consumer payments', Visa's Darren Parslow

In this episode of Tearsheet’s Podcast, Darren Parslow, global head of Visa Business Solutions joins host Zack Miller, Tearsheet’s Editor-in-Chief. 

Darren talks about the innovation in the B2B payments space over the last few years, how Visa helps SMBs enhance their money flow operations, and lastly, what advice would he give to small businesses looking to digitize operations to better manage cashflow and expand payments beyond the point of sale to grow their businesses.

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Building the underlying pipes for safe data transfer: How Akoya is using APIs to scrape away screen scraping

Screen scraping has been falling out of favor as API-first platforms like Akoya are de-risking data sharing and turning it into a more consent-based process. At our recent DataDay Conference, Jeff Kukesh, the VP of Product at Akoya, spoke to Tearsheet Editor-in-Chief Zack Miller, about the role APIs can play in building an open financial system while scraping away risky practices from the past.

For Kukesh, Open Finance means accessing data that has “historically been locked up in banks”, and building an ecosystem that engenders trust, scalability, and consent. Without these values, the possibility of practices like screen scraping slipping through the cracks becomes a lot higher. 

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Introducing T-POP: Tearsheet's Power of Payments Conference

Payments has gone through a transformative couple of years during the pandemic.

Tearsheet’s The Power of Payments Conference (T-POP) brings together the top professionals and brands in the payments space to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by an undeniable need to stay ahead of the curve of a rapidly changing landscape.

Apply to join us on September 15, 2022, in New York City at The Power of Payments 2022 for a day full of critical insights, contributions to invaluable discussions around the trending topics, and in-person networking opportunities. 

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Just look at the charts

1. Embedded finance is the third phase of fintech disruption

Source: additiv

2. Is it time to develop a strategic stance by defining metaverse goals?

SourceSanjeev Kumar

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PayPal introduces new business credit card
PayPal launched a new small business Cashback Mastercard, which is issued by WebBank, has no annual fee, and offers cardholders 2% cashback on all purchases (Finovate)

Flyp gamified mobile banking is powered by Galileo
Flyp -- a banking app and digital wallet, with gamified rewards, challenges, and quests to attract, engage and retain customers -- has its API-enabled financial technology powered by Galileo (Finextra)

Anchorage launches institutional ETH staking
Institutional crypto custody firm Anchorage Digital is set to introduce ether staking for institutions -- the San Francisco-based federally chartered cryptocurrency bank will offer ETH holders the opportunity to earn rewards for helping to secure and extend the Ethereum blockchain once the network moves to a proof-of-stake mechanism later this year (CoinDesk)

Can fintech startup Esusu use innovation to promote financial inclusion in America?
Harvard Business School assistant professor Emily Williams discusses how the two co-founders Abbey Wemimo and Samir Goel of fintech Esusu decided to allocate resources and scale their business in the case, “Esusu: Solving Homelessness Backwards” (Harvard Business Review)

How Conversion Capital plans to back fintech and infrastructure startups
In the years since Christian Lawless founded Conversion Capital, fintech has essentially exploded -- Lawless believes that infrastructure is the key to unlocking innovation in the space. His firm has raised $122 million for its third fund — more than six times the size of its previous fund — to back early-stage fintech and infrastructure startups (TechCrunch)

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