Daily Tearsheet: Climate change is forcing banks to rethink their strategies


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Daily Tearsheet: Climate change is forcing banks to rethink their strategies

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Green Finance Briefing: ‘Business as usual’ is proving unsustainable for banks

Banks and large financial institutions are generally viewed as businesses built under the traditional profit-centered capitalist model. But climate change is forcing everyone to rethink their strategy - business as usual is proving to be unsustainable. 

But what does it actually mean for a bank to be sustainable? How can a bank place climate change at the forefront of its agenda? These were the questions on the mind of Ken LaRoe, a banker who felt the need to “do something more than just making people a bunch of money”. 

LaRoe’s newfound mission lies with Climate First Bank, which aims to help reverse the climate crisis by aligning with four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. But the journey remains challenging.

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