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Bankchain Conference 2022: All session videos

  • Tearsheet convened its inaugural Bankchain Conference last week.
  • The event explored the intersection of traditional finance with new Web3/blockchain technologies and infrastructure.

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Bankchain Conference 2022: All session videos

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are making their way into the mainstream from the early adopters crowd. It’s starting with the basics: mainly with cryptocurrency trading and Bitcoin-based spending rewards. Traditional institutions inhabit a spectrum of blockchain adoption — some have launched products, and others are still planning to, but they’re all talking about it. It’s happening and it’s likely to have a transformative impact on financial services.

Last week, Tearsheet’s inaugural Bankchain Conference explored the strategies different FIs are employing when it comes to tackling crypto: from trading to stablecoins to custody. Hear from the leading blockchain firms working with FIs – like Paxos, Ripple, Zero Hash, and more.

Bankchain Conference 2022: Edward Woodford, Founder & CEO, Zero Hash

Zero Hash provides solutions to allow platforms to launch digital assets and own the client experience, without the regulatory overhead and a light technical lift. In this session, you’ll hear from Zero Hash’s Founder & CEO, Edward Woodford, about how are FIs thinking about crypto and what kind of opportunities are they seeking along with the kind of problems they are hoping to solve.

Bankchain Conference 2022: Seth Wilks, Senior Director – Govt. Relations & Subject Matter Experts, TaxBit

The cryptocurrency tax provision in the US Infrastructure Bill has dramatic implications for millions of SMBs, enterprise businesses, hedge funds, and any institution that’s incorporated digital assets into their investment portfolio. In this session, TaxBit’s Senior Director of Government Relations & Subject Matter Experts, Seth Wilks, gives us an overview of the Infrastructure Bill’s immediate and far-reaching effects on the crypto space and enterprise institutions.

Bankchain Conference 2022: Brooks Entwistle, SVP of Global Customer Success & Head of APAC and MENA, RippleNet

It’s estimated that at least 263 million people worldwide own crypto today, major companies like Square, Robinhood, Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal are firmly integrating crypto into their product stacks, and world-famous DJs are offering exclusive NFTs to their global audience. With this increase in adoption, there’s a growing need for tokenization. In fact, the World Economic Forum projects 10% of the world’s GDP will be tokenized by 2027. There’s no question – those who don’t embrace these new technologies will be left behind. In this session, Ripplenet’s SVP of Global Customer Success and Managing Director for APAC and MENA, Brooks Entwistle, will discuss how enterprises can prepare for this shift, and which steps to take to keep up and innovate in the crypto-first future.

Bankchain Conference 2022: Mike Coscetta, Head of Revenue, Paxos

Mike Coscetta is the head of revenue at Paxos, a major player in blockchain infrastructure for financial institutions. The client for Paxos range from PayPal and Revolut to Credit Suisse and Societe Generale. They built products that allow institutions to custody assets from cash and commodities to securities and crypto. In this session, Mike talks about what’s holding FIs back from starting their journey into blockchain and crypto, and how has Paxos worked with FIs to enter this new world.

Bankchain Conference 2022: Diogo Mónica, Co-Founder & President, Anchorage Digital

Anchorage brings advanced security architecture to cryptocurrency custody to deliver the services institutions expect from a traditional custodian. We are joined by the co-Founder & president of Anchorage Digital, Diogo Monica, to talk about what crypto banking looks like today and it will look like in a couple years from now. In this session, Diogo also shares how is crypto banking different than other forms of asset-backed lending FIs are accustomed to and what types of financial institutions will be able to cross the chasm of digital assets.

Bankchain Conference 2022: Zack Miller, Editor-In-Chief, Tearsheet with Ismail Umar and Iulia Ciutina, Reporters, Tearsheet

This session is all about Tearsheet’s perspective on the intersection of Tradfi and Defi. Zack Miller, Editor-in-Chief, along with senior Tearsheet reporters Ismail and Iulia talk about the challenges faced in programming this conference and how difficult it is to find voices from the traditional finance space to talk about crypto and the future of blockchain.

Bankchain Conference 2022: Stephen Bohanon, Co-Founder, Chief Strategy & Product Officer, Alkami Technology, Inc, and Mark Willden, Chief Information Officer, Idaho Central Credit Union

Alkami is a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for banks and credit unions in the U.S. Idaho Central is a full-service, federally-insured financial institution and is ranked as a top credit union in the U.S. in returning value to its members. Idaho central is recognized as leader in ebranch, mobile, and digital banking. In December of 2021, Idaho Central partnered with Alkami and NYDIG to implement bitcoin services through NYDIG and the Alkami Platform. The partnership allows Idaho Central’s members to buy and sell bitcoin within its mobile app and online banking platform. In this session, Stephen and Mark from Alkami and Idaho Central (respectively), talk about how the partnership works and what are the benefits from members’ POV, and what the future of crypto looks like.

Bankchain Conference 2022: Julien Le Goc, VP, Enterprise Risk Program Management, Circle

Julien Le Goc is Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management at Circle, responsible for enterprise risk management. Since joining Circle in 2021, his leadership in risk management has been integral in furthering the company’s mission to raise global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of financial value. In this session, Julien talks about how stablecoins enable real-time global payments and how full reserve banking with dollar digital assets will transform financial services along with the ways dollar digital assets are promoting financial inclusion.

Bankchain Conference 2022: Craig Salm, Chief Legal Officer, Grayscale

Grayscale Investments is the world’s largest digital currency asset manager. In this session, Grayscale investments, Chief Legal Officer, Craig Salm discusses the current and future regulatory frameworks within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Bankchain Conference 2022: David Donovan, Executive Vice President, Financial Services, Americas, Publicis Sapient

David Donovan, Executive Vice President, Financial Services, Americas of Publicis Sapient, talks about how is Gen Z different from the previous generations and how are traditional FIs talking to this generation and what they can learn from fintech. Watch this session to know how is PS gearing up to help FIs transition into this new Gen Z world, and know more about Steez.

Bankchain Conference 2022: Shaul Kfir, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Digital Asset

Digital Asset works with some of the largest FIs around the world, digitally connecting institutions and their partners. This session will dive into the latest with enterprise blockchains, the promise the public blockchains were meant to deliver and where we are today, particularly for the financial industry.

Bankchain Conference 2022: Lawrence Wintermeyer, Executive Co-Chair, Global Digital Finance

GDF is an industry body promoting the development of best practices and conduct standards for the crypto asset industry and advocacy with policy makers. In this session, GDF’s Executive co-Chair, Lawrence Wintermeyer, talks about the Members Association’s role in accelerating the adoption of digital assets, how are they funded, staffed, and resourced along with the role of government in this association. He also discusses, where are we now in the cycle with crypto.

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