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Introducing the 2022 winners of Tearsheet’s Embedded Banking Awards

  • Tearsheet's Embedded Awards celebrate the top companies and products in embedded finance and banking as a service.
  • The winners of the 2022 awards were named last week at Tearsheet's The Big Bank Theory Conference.

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Introducing the 2022 winners of Tearsheet’s Embedded Banking Awards

The nature of the financial institution is changing. Embedded finance turns every app, software, retailer, and business into a bank. And people are responding in kind — with the uptake of embedded finance, consumers are showing that they want to bank with the brands they love.

Tearsheet’s Embedded Awards are the financial industry’s top awards program, recognizing and celebrating the leading products and brands defining embedded finance and turning every app, software, retailer, and business into a bank.

The winners of the 2022 Embedded Awards were announced last week at Tearsheet's annual The Big Bank Theory Conference.

Best Banking as a Service Platform: Treasury Prime

Treasury Prime is a software company solving for a huge problem: How to create a modern banking
platform that addresses the present and future needs of banks and fintechs and fills the gaps resulting from the fragmented banking system in this country.

Best Overall Embedded Platform: Helix by Q2

Helix, Q2’s embedded finance offering, is the only cloud-native core purpose-built for embedded finance. It provides fintechs and brands the building blocks of banking to embed personalized financial services within their applications easily and at scale.

Best Card Issuing Platform: Lithic

Lithic breaks the turnkey vs custom-build choice for card programs with a new, progressive model. Lithic offers its clients choices: Choose a productized offering that works for a range of use cases off the shelf or use Lithic’s APIs to build a fully customized solution. Or, brands and fintechs can do a mixture of both using Lithic’s modular software and evolve their programs as their needs change.

Best New Embedded Platform: FinMkt

FinMkt has ramped revenue for the past two years, added dozens of new employees, and partnered with major banks, credit unions, and national home improvement franchises. New launches and updates in early 2023 will position FinMkt to continue its revenue growth trend and expand into new markets.

Best Card Product: Deserve

Deserve powers white-label commercial card programs or embeds into partners’ digital capabilities. The Deserve platform helps financial institutions and other platforms issue commercial credit cards more easily.

Best Example of Customer Implementation of Embedded Finance: SuperMoney

In 2022, SuperMoney launched an embedded lending solution for partners to easily deploy a loan offer engine on their web applications. The technology allows partners to pre-qualify customers for a loan across dozens of integrated lenders, without sending their users off-site.

Best Payments as a Service Platform: Sila

Sila's payment software offers ledgering, ACH payment, KYC, banking operations, and compliance. Sila bridges the gap in two key areas of finance, between 21st century apps and a 50-year old legacy
technology, as well as between crypto and fintech. Sila’s vision is to connect the world’s financial networks, and let users decide on the best path forward for their particular use case.

Best New Payments as a Service Platform: CoreChain Technologies

CoreChain offers the first embedded B2B payments and supply chain finance network built on blockchain. It enables ERPs and others to offer blockchain B2B payments and embedded financing
solutions to clients. The digital solution helps companies, like Scanco, operate more efficiently, securely and seamlessly within existing accounting systems and payment processes.

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