Full agenda announced: Tearsheet’s The Big Bank Theory Conference November 10-12

  • Tearsheet's The Big Bank Theory has a full agenda of top firms/professionals forging the future of banking and embedded finance.
  • Join us November 10-12 to explore what it means to provide banking products and services to today's -- and tomorrow's -- customers.

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Full agenda announced: Tearsheet’s The Big Bank Theory Conference November 10-12

The face of the financial institution is changing for good, and two trajectories are pushing that change forward rapidly and in ways previously unimaginable: challenger banks and embedded finance. This year, we are celebrating the union of the two forces in making the new bank and combining Tearsheet’s Challengers and Embedded Conferences into The Big Bank Theory Conference.

Starting off with Challengers, we will recognize the companies and professionals forging ahead with new services and products to help customers save, move, and borrow money in the modern era. Then, we’ll follow with Embedded, bringing together financial institutions, technology players, and other firms from industries outside of finance adopting financial services and turning every app, software, retailer, and business into a bank.

Tearsheet’s The Big Bank Theory Conference brings together senior leaders from banks, credit unions, challenger banks, payments firms, and firms outside of banking for a candid discussion about what the top firms are doing with products and services, strategy, talent, and customer acquisition to thrive in today’s unprecedented environment.

Join senior leaders from Square, Goldman Sachs, Intuit, Wise, Upgrade, Current, FInancial Venture Studio, N26, Credit Sesame, BlueVine, Greenwood, Galileo, Synctera, Railsbank, Marqeta, Rapyd, DriveWealth, Flywire, Citi Ventures, Treasury Prime, Green Dot, Cross River, Agora, Menta, Mission Lane, Bank of America, Lili, Anthemis, First Boulevard, Daylight, and more.

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Join us for three days packed with insights from an influential group of decision-makers shapeshifting the financial institution — from the comfort and safety of your home (until we can meet again).

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