Acquire Conference 2022: All session videos

  • Tearsheet's Acquire Conference celebrates the best marketing, branding, experiences, and advertising in the financial services industry.
  • Here are the full videos from the sessions we held on February 22, 2022.

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Acquire Conference 2022: All session videos

It's a wrap! Tearsheet’s Acquire Conference, held February 22, 2022, brought together top modern financial institutions to discuss the attributes of successful branding, marketing, product, and customer service in today’s market.

Financial services and fintech firms are fighting for new customers. The pandemic has accelerated the move to digital and that means more competition for brands to acquire new customers and to retain their existing ones.

So much of today’s story around financial services and fintech firms centers around acquiring new users. Challenger banks acquired millions of new users this year. Incumbents are deconstructing their customer journeys. Service and retention have become paramount during the stresses of the pandemic. Customers expect the same experiences from their financial services providers that they get from other favorite brands. Marketing will only intensify in 2022.

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Acquire Conference 2022: Kyle Clark, SVP Loyalty Mastercard

Attracting and retaining consumer loyalty requires more than offering the most rewards, it's about offering the right rewards.

In this session, you'll hear from Mastercard’s SVP of product, Kyle Clark, about how the company is tapping into new strategies and technologies that enable customers to put their money towards the causes that matter to them.

Acquire Conference 2022: Rockford Yapp, VP of Acquisition Marketing & Emilie Cole, VP of Communication,

As trading now becomes a home-screen activity, from stocks to crypto and beyond, how can fintechs help people become better investors?

In this session, you'll hear from’s VP of acquisition marketing, Rockford Yapp, and Emilie Cole, VP of communications, about the challenges and opportunities of meeting the market in service to growth and accuracy.

Acquire Conference 2022: Erika White, VP Marketing & Communication, Affirm

Fun fact: 61% of Americans believe that living through the pandemic has made younger generations smarter about their finances than older folks.

In this session, you'll hear from Affirm’s VP of marketing & communication, Erika White, about the company’s latest consumer spend report and the evolving consumer preferences in payments, financial services, and commerce.

Acquire Conference 2022: Adam Hadi, VP Marketing, Current

How do you become the banking provider of people who never had a bank account before?

In this session, you'll hear from Current’s VP of Marketing, Adam Hadi, is live about building a differentiated brand customers love and trust.

Acquire Conference 2022: Brooke Lais, CMO, Welcome Tech

The concept of “the ideal customer” is long gone given the growing diversity of the market audience; no one message or medium speaks to all.

In this session, you'll hear from Welcome Tech’s CMO, Brooke Lais, about how companies can efficiently segment their audience to develop highly targeted, personalized marketing strategies and executions.

Acquire Conference 2022: Kim Rosenblum, CMO, Betterment

The investing landscape has changed dramatically over recent years – and winning brands followed suit.

In this session, you'll hear from Betterment’s CMO, Kim Rosenblum, about the behind the scene look at the company’s year long rebrand project.

Acquire Conference 2022: Phill Rosen, CEO, Even Financial

Traditional distribution tactics and channels are not cutting it for FIs in today’s market.

In this session, you'll hear from Even Financial’s CEO, Phill Rosen, about what modern consumers want and need, and why multi-product ecosystems are driving customer acquisition.

Acquire Conference: Chidi Achara, Chief Creative Officer, Stash

In today’s frenetic, digital-first world, consumers are bombarded with brand messages across every platform and device.

In this session, you'll hear from Stash’s chief creative officer, Chidi Achara, breaking down The Three C’s of building a stand-out brand that captures the hearts and minds of consumers.

Acquire Conference 2022: Kennedy Reynolds, Chief Content & Education Officer, Acrons

Financial education is inseparable from long-term financial wellness; but in 2021, 60% of Americans couldn't pass a basic financial literacy test.

In this session, you'll hear from Acorns’ chief content & education officer, Kennedy Reynolds, about why putting education top of mind is an integral part of the company’s business strategy, and the corporate responsibility in financial literacy.

Acquire Conference 2022: Scott Goodson, Founder & CEO, Strawberryfrog

Employees are more skeptical than ever about the real commitment of leaders to new initiatives and their likelihood to endure. Eventually, ‘this year’s leadership speech’ just goes in one ear and out the other.

In this session, you'll hear from StrawberryFrog’s Founder & CEO, Scott Goodson, about how to successfully design a movement that shifts the framing question for leaders, from ‘How serious are they about this?’ to ‘How serious are we about this?’

Acquire Conference 2022: Acquire Awards

Tearsheet's Aquire Awards recognize the top work being done in branding, marketing, advertising and user acquisition in financial services and fintech. This year's award winners include Zelle, Publicis Sapient, Current, and more.

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