Weekly 10-Q: Wells Fargo makes headway in delivering digital solutions with ‘Vantage’

  • Wells Fargo's new 'Vantage' platform provides financial solutions and services all in one place -- giving it a competitive edge over its rivals.
  • And, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan seems confident not jumping on the layoff bandwagon despite rising revenue pressures.

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Weekly 10-Q: Wells Fargo makes headway in delivering digital solutions with ‘Vantage’


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10-Q, Member Exclusive

Robinhood: From capturing trading market share to its ambition to tap into industry assets

  • While trading forms the bedrock of the investment platform, Robinhood has embraced the ethos of diversification.
  • New product adoption and revenue from non-trading sources, particularly from retirement accounts, were key contributors to the significant growth seen in Q4 2023 results.
Sara Khairi | February 20, 2024
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Breaking down PayPal’s Q4 earnings: The hits and misses

  • PayPal reported its earnings for the final quarter of 2023 with a solid 9% increase in Q4 revenue, reaching $8.0 billion
  • While the earnings reflected a profitable growth trajectory and beat expectations, the 2024 guidance fell short of analysts' expectations. 
Sara Khairi | February 12, 2024
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What’s SoFi’s profit recipe for the final quarter of 2023?

  • SoFi delivered as promised, attaining profitability in the last quarter of 2023.
  • The company's boosted profitability is attributed to growth in Lending, Technology Platform, and Financial Services, offsetting loan expenses.
Sara Khairi | February 05, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

JPMorgan: Even the largest bank doesn’t get a break when dealing with fraud

  • Financial institutions continually refine tools to combat fraud, creating an interplay where fraudsters evolve alongside advancements made by banks and firms.
  • Even with robust anti-fraud measures in place, institutions can't guarantee a 100% success rate, leading to a mix of successes and occasional setbacks.
Sara Khairi | January 29, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

JPMorgan is on board with Gen AI, but it’s calling the shots on its own terms

  • JPMorgan Chase is the poster child of taking a measured approach when venturing into unchartered territories.
  • While the bank supports the integration of Gen AI in banking operations, it prioritizes a disciplined strategy for tangible results.
Sara Khairi | January 22, 2024
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