It’s not just the stock market — wine prices drop 5% in October

From Liv-Ex the wine exchange:

Check out my recent interview with Lot18’s Dini Rao about investing in wine.  Prices can be pretty volatile and 2011 has been a disappointment (time for value investors to step in?).

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index – the fine wine industry’s leading benchmark – dropped 4.53 per cent to 308.03, bringing its year-to-date performance to -8.40 per cent and its year-on-year performance to -2.41 per cent.

Source: Liv-Ex Fine Wine 100 Falls 4.5% in October (Liv-ex Blog)

The art of investing in wine, for beginners – by Dini Rao

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How does a beginner learn about investing in wine?

Well, I went to the source (literally). Dini Rao is currently the VP of Products for exclusive wine site, Lot18 and former Christie’s wine specialist and Amazon’s senior wine buyer.

Dini takes us through the process that professionals go to invest in their choicest finds. From traveling to France to hiring a specialist to looking for value beyond the traditional geographies and labels, this episode was a quick overview of investing in wine.

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