Tradestreaming Trends: Understanding Gen Z’s relationship with money, fintech patents, marketing optimism to investors

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FinTech-Ing in ETF space: Growing AUM, shrinking fees, and crypto-currencies (Daily Fintech)
Tradestreaming Tearsheet: The first major ETF was launched in the early 90s with a tracker of S&P500 on the NYSE and since then, the global ETF market is close to $3 trillion. Efi Pylarinou has an interesting take on the fintech-ness of the ETF market and what we can learn from its maturation.

TD Ameritrade invests in optimism (WARC)
Tradestreaming Tearsheet: TD Ameritrade, the brokerage firm, is tapping the power of optimism to stand out from the approximately 9,000 financial-services brands which are battling to effectively reach consumers. In this case, a positive message and a bet on the future may actually make for a better future for the online broker.

Gen Z and The Future of Money (The Financial Brand)
Tradestreaming Tearsheet: The results of a unique, “co-creation” focus group reveal what banking providers must do to remain relevant with Gen Z consumers. These are the future clients – it’s important to understand what makes them tick.

Fintech patents: where finance meets technology (Lexology)
Tradestreaming Tearsheet: This interesting research piece benchmarks the patents help by large financial institutions and categorizes them according to their technologies. Wait, why is Hitachi one of the largest IP holders in fintech?

How Fintech Can Win On Financial Crime (TechCrunch)
Tradestreaming Tearsheet: “Fintech firms are technologically equipped to understand the activity occurring through their products in a way that banks simply are not, and thus they are better positioned to provide law enforcement with useful intelligence as opposed to scattershot reporting.”

Most Asset Managers Still Generating Positive DCIO Net Sales Amid Mounting Obstacles to Growth and Profits (Hearts and Wallets)
Tradestreaming Tearsheet: The fundamentals underlying Defined Contribution Investment-Only (DCIO) growth remain solid. Hearts & Wallets projects the DCIO market will grow from $3 trillion (47% of the DC market) today to $4.1 trillion (51%) in 2020.

“There remains a great opportunity to manage the workplace savings of millions of Americans via a dedicated DCIO sales and marketing effort. Today the stakes are higher, product requirements stricter, and sales more difficult to earn.“

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