Where’s Cramer? The 10 best stock pickers online

The thing about talking about stocks online is that even if the writer doesn’t provide his performance record, there’s always someone lurking out there keeping score.

The transparency and technology underlying the publishing of financial content by bloggers and columnists means that we can discern who’s just talking their book and who is really performing.

LikeAssets (read/listen my interview with LikeAsset’s CEO) and CXO Advisory both track performance of publications and provide real metrics behind investing punditry.

I’ve highlighted below the top 5 best stock pickers according to each service:

Top Performing Pundits

Name Publication LikeAssets Score*
Matthew McCall Seeking Alpha and IndexUniverse 103
Andrea Tse TheStreet.com 84
Larry Meyers Seeking Alpha 81
Jay Palmer Barron’s (sub req’d) 73
Rick Aristotle Munarriz Motley Fool 62
*See how Like Assets calculates its score

Highest Scoring Gurus

Name Publication CXO Guru Grade*
Jon Markman MarketWatch 68%
David Nassar MarketWise 68%
Jack Schannep MarketWatch 65%
James Oberweis Zacks.com 65%
Steve Sjuggerud DailyWealth 64%
*See how CXO calcuates its score

Couple of points here:

  • there is intellectual value in financial blogging even if the picks aren’t stellar
  • Nassar’s MarketWise is defunct
  • these numbers track performance of historical portfolios — a couple of the pundits listed haven’t updated their portfolios for awhile so caveat emptor in terms of following stale picks

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