Want to make money in the stock market? Own it only when it’s closed

Great piece from the guys at Bespoke on a strategy they call Close to Open. While owning the S&P500 or its proxy, the ETF $SPY, since its inception in 1992, investors would have seen  a 193% return.

Not too shabby.

But instead of just buying and holding (or “buying and praying” as I like to call it), if investors had bought the $SPY at the end of each trading day and sold it when markets opened the next morning, investors would have seen their holdings rise by almost 400%!

This raises the question — why even trade when the market is open?

You say, no frickin’ way.

Well, Bespoke says, way.

Like the fabled, flux capacitor, the implications of this are just mind-blowing.


Who Needs the Trading Day (Bespoke Investment Group)