Using social and crowdsourcing to make better investment decisions – with Alexander Wallin

Many investors know intuitively that making investment research more social SHOULD lead to better outcomes.

The truth is, we’re just beginning to figure out how social media can impact investment performance…and a new firm, SprinkleBit is going to help forward this conversation in a major way.

SprinkleBit is rolling out a full-suite of research and trading tools, all centered around the social aspect of investment research. Founder and CEO Alexander Wallin joins us to talk about social investing, how to empower investors to make better decisions, and his product roadmap to roll-out social enabled trading.

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About Alex

co-founder and CEO of SprinkleBitAlexander Wallin is the co-founder and CEO of SprinkleBit.

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Tradestreaming in the European Financial Review

As Tradestreaming — and our methodology of learning from investing experts — is gaining momentum, other periodicals are taking notice.

I appeared in this quarter’s print edition of the European Financial Review. I essentially wrote about Tradestreaming — how investors are taking advantage of the new media and research tools that social media is enabling.

As regular readers would recognize, I wrote about 3 strategies that investors can employ today to begin making better investment decisions (Ride the Long Tail, Piggyback the Pros, Commune with Experts)

I also included a paragraph about what I think the future has in store for investors: Continue reading “Tradestreaming in the European Financial Review”

Radical social investing needs parallel educational framework

Interesting post by SellPuts at Hedge Accordingly about the impact of social investing.  Investors have seen an onslaught of new financial startups, research platforms, and tools to share all this.

But, nothing tries new investing tools and strategies like big movements drops in the stock market.

The article discusses the radical impact of social investing on retail investors, using an car metaphor (beware, money quote): Continue reading “Radical social investing needs parallel educational framework”