Tradestreaming Hedge Fund Guru Portfolio (August 2012 Update)

P2P Lending's Developing Debt Market

I rebalanced the Tradestreaming Hedge Fund Guru Portfolio yesterday.

Remember, this is a real-world stock portfolio based off of the research in my book, Tradestream your Way to Profits: Building a Killer Portfolio in the Age of Social Media. The portfolio (which you can track or autotrade here) tracks some of the best picks, newest picks, and most popular picks in the best performing hedge funds in the world.

The Guru Portfolio relances quarterly.


  • the portfolio is up 3.3% in August so far
  • 64.3% of the trades in the strategy have been profitable
  • annualized return for 2012 is 36.1%
  • 3 year return is 154.1%
  • 5 year return is 266.5%

Trade Highlights

The portfolio sold out 3 stocks this quarter.

  • $UNP (+11.7%)
  • $ESRX (+17.1%)
  • $SGEN (+47.2%)

If you’re interested in the portfolio, contact me or use Collective2 to follow the trades.

***I’ve used AlphaClone to design, test, and implement my portfolio. If you’re interested in tracking and building hedge fund replication strategies, check it out.