Recommendation for Tradestreaming from Michelle Leder,, a Morningstar Company

Zack Miller is an excellent source when it comes to using new online tools to vet investment ideas.  His first book is a broad survey of emerging investment strategies that take advantage of the wide array of financial tools and content that you can find online — from blogs to Twitter. There’s a lot of noise out in the tradestream, but this book helps you cut through that to find the information that’s truly useful. — Michelle Leder,, a Morningstar Company

Recommendation for Tradestreaming from James Altucher, Wall Street Journal

Damn! Zack Miller wrote the exact book I wanted to write.Finally all investors have the tools available to beat the pros. Zack Miller describes these tools perfectly. This book turns the investing game upside down and gives the power back to the small investor. That’s it! No more books about investing need to be ever written after this one. Thanks a lot, Zack, for ruining the game for the rest of us. — James Altucher, Columnist, Wall Street Journal

Recommendation for Tradestreaming from David Merkel, Aleph Blog

The book gives readers a panoply of sources to gain investment ideas from: blogs, aggregators, the sites of mainstream publications, data vendors, etc. He focuses on the social web for investing, showing places where investors can help one another in the search for profits. There is a lot here, and the author handles it well. I was never bored with this book. He has a very good selection of sites on the internet for delivering investment information. — David Merkel,

Recommendation for Tradestreaming from marketfolly

From the August 6, 2010 marketfolly review of Tradestreaming:

If you’re looking for another book on the same old topic of stockpicking, then this isn’t for you. However, if you’re searching for a new-age approach to investing that incorporates the use of copious online resources (including social media), then you’ve found the right book. Readers of Market Folly should find this work of particular interest given its focus on mimicking top hedge fund managers, a topic we cover on a daily basis…

The review ends:

Novice investor? This book is a great place for you to start. What better way to learn the ropes than by watching and mimicking the pros. Intermediate or advanced investor? There’s guaranteed to be plenty of new resources and tools for you to learn about that will highly complement your regular research regimen. There’s hundreds of different books out there that train you how to pick stocks. This book does not do that. Instead, Tradestream Your Way to Profits teaches you how to incorporate new online tools, methods of research, and investment approaches in order to construct a more profitable portfolio. — marketfolly

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