Stuck on publishing a book? Join us for the MEBINAR, Meb Faber talks publishing, books, and the investment field

Very excited to be hosting the MEBINAR — Mebane Faber joins me tomorrow for an intimate chat mebane faber, author of Ivy Portfolioabout his experiences with publishing investment books (the best selling, The Ivy Portfolio and new book, Shareholder Yield).

Meb is a publishing powerhouse with a portfolio that includes one of the most downloaded whitepapers in history.

What you’ll learn

Specifically, I’ve asked Meb to share

  • how he conceived of his book and why the subject matter…MATTERS
  • his process in finding a publisher
  • tips on successfully marketing a finance book

And, I want to know how Meb became a modern-day finance celebrity:-)

Learn more and sign up for the MEBINAR here