The Startups: Who’s shaking things up (Week ending December 27th, 2015)

fintech startups shaking things up

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OTAS Technologies’ Tom Doris is creating machines to do (part of) a trader’s job (Tradestreaming)
Traders are going to seeing a lot more AI and automation on the trading desk

After Fed, fintech hikes rates, too
(Seeking Alpha)
Responding to the Fed’s rate hike last week, Lending Club ($LC) boosts rates on new loans on its platform by 25 basis points. Speaking to the WSJ, CEO Renaud Laplanche says it will be company policy to move in lockstep with the Fed’s future moves

Moven Launches E-Gifting and Affiliate Programs (Bank Innovation)
The banking service Moven is expanding its marketing efforts as 2015 comes to a close. The startup has launched an e-gifting service for the holidays, as well as an affiliate program

Gusto, Formerly ZenPayroll, Closes on $50 Million Funding (Finovate)
According to payroll and benefits provider, Gusto, these funds are part of the Google Capital-led $60 million Series B round announced in April

Daily Fintech Startup Watch: It’s raining money (Stockpile, Moven, RealtyMogul)

Daily News on Fintech Startups

Stockpile raises $15M

stockpile gift card for stock

Buying stock for your friend’s kid’s bar mitzva has never been easier than with Stockpile, the world’s first gift card for stock. The company just reported the closing of a $15M investment round with some high profile angels (Ashton Kutcher) and A-list VCs, Mayfield and Sequoia, participating.

RealtyMogul passes $150M milestone


Equity crowdfunding platforms seem to be hitting their early strides and RealtyMogul is enjoying the growth. The real estate-focused firm announced it had topped a total of $150M of investments transacted via its site.

Moven gets moving with more investment


Leading example of Bank 2.0, Moven, finished raising a fresh round of investment earmarked for international expansion.

InvestCloud closes $45M growth round


App platform for investment managers, InvestCloud, scores big investment. Here’s what InvestCloud is up to:

Founded in 2010, InvestCloud makes use of a technology founder John Wise calls“Programs Writing Programs” to develop new software without having to write much new code. Advisors can select from thousands of applets located on a cloud-based platform to assemble their own client portals, CRMs, reporting tools, or even a robo-advisor.

Hip Pocket rolls out new app

hippocket app

Hip Pocket is launching a mobile app that offers savings suggestions and facilitates deposits based on users’ incomes and goals. Its “swipe-to-save” technology  is intended to encourage Americans to save more with their local banks.

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