5 trends we’re watching this week

5 trends in finance this week

[alert type=yellow ]Every week at Tradestreaming, we’re tracking and analyzing the top trends impacting the finance industry. The following is a list of important things going on we think are worth paying attention to. For more in depth trendfollowing, subscribe to Tradestreaming’s weekly newsletter (published every Sunday).[/alert]

1. [podcast] Stephane Dubois of Xignite on providing stock market data to (almost) all of fintech (Tradestreaming)
You can build your own apps or sell tools to others building apps. Xignite powers today’s top investment platforms with stock market data. Founder and CEO, Stephane Dubois joins Tradestreaming to discuss his 10+ years building stock market data products powering most of today’s top fintech platforms.

2. BBVA investment in Atom is a small step in a much larger plan (BANKNXT)
BBVA has invested $68 million in Atom Bank (here’s the story from Bloomberg). Daniel Gusev believes this is part of a much larger digital strategy for the bank.

3. Diebold To Acquire Wincor Nixdorf (PYMNTS)
Diebold will soon be the largest ATM maker in the world — if regulatory authorities approve its latest move to buy out rival Wincor Nixdorf.

4. The Disruption Of Millennial Investing (TechCrunch)
The media proliferates stories analyzing millennials’ work ethic, buying patterns and values. But what about investing? What’s changing with the way millennials invest?

5. First crowdfunding results: 70 go bust, one makes money (Telegraph)
Some celebrities, including Andy Murray, are investing in crowdfunding, but the risks are high. This article, based on one of the first studies out of the nascent equity crowdfunding field, shows just how risky early stage investing really is on these platforms.