Investing with more return and less risk – with Lee Hull

As an investment advisor, Lee Hull’s clients can’t afford to have down years.

They’re retirees looking for steady income — no matter what Mr. Market has to say about it. Where traditional advisors are willing to ride the market’s ups-and-downs, Hull uses a different approach.written by Lee Hull

His returns have trounced the markets while he puts less of his clients’ capital at risk. Over the past 10 years where the markets have literally gone nowhere, Hull’s investment firm has averaged over 8% per year (net of inflation!).

That’s pretty darn good but when you see that he was “only down” 9% in his largest losing year during the same time period, that should make you sit up and listen (if you’re not already).

On today’s episode of Tradestreaming Radio., Hull shares much of his research and methodology with us.  He’s the author of Less Risk, More Return: A Proven Blueprint for Retirement Plan Investing.

Look below to access Hull’s 10 Tips to Improve Investing Returns and Lower Risk.
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