Best Magic Formula investing resources

Joel Greenblatt’s Magic Formula has racked up great performance over the years.  In fact, in his seminal book on the subject, The Little Book That Beats the Market (Little Books. Big Profits), Greenblatt claims a 20 year investing record with annualized returns of 40%.  Not too shabby.  So, here’s a one-page list of the best resources for investors to learn and invest in the Magic Formula.

Magic Formula Official Website

Greenblatt’s Magic Formula Investing: has some how-to articles on Magic Formula investing and a simple, easy-to-use, basic stock screener

Sites following the Magic Formula Strategy

MagicDiligence: great free and subscription site that digs deeper on magic formula stocks with good analysis

Wikipedia: Magic Formula: Everything you wanted to know (and more).

ValueHuntr: While not explicitly following Magic Formula, there is a lot of overlap here.

Old School Value: Magic Formula Stock Screen (over $50M)

Other Magic Formula Resources

Steve Forbes interviews Magic Formula’s Greenblatt (Series on Magic Formula)

Greenblatt’s presentation at the 2009 Value Investing Congress

Validea’s Magic Formula stock screener and performance

GuruFocus interview with Greenblatt

Morningstar embarrassed by Magic Formula results

Improving on the Magic Formula’s Performance (Manual of Ideas)

Chapter-by-chapter review of Greenblatt’s The Little Book that Beats the Market (Barel Kasan)