Follow the Insiders: Insider buying/selling for 1/19/2011 has a list of stocks with significant insider buying and/or selling.  Included: $TIE, $LEX, $PNC, and $BBY saw insider purchasing while $GOOG, $MCK, $QCOM, $F, and $HPQ saw insiders unloading stock. (

List of insider buys from Bloggingstocks includes: $LGF, $MAYS, $PZG, and $GAM. (BloggingStocks)

$OPK continues to see insider buying, as does $UMH, $BPAX, and $FFBC (JS3G)

On a macro level, for the week ending January 14, 2011, no insider buying activity was recorded.  Whoa.  (zero hedge)

Follow the Insiders: Insider buying/selling for 1/13/11

Lots of multiple, ongoing insider buying going on at International Speedway Corp, $ISCA, and York Water, $YORW, and at CNB Corp ($CNBW) as well, with a singular large sale at Unit Corp, $UNT. (J3SG)

More on the imbalanced selling going on in the market  in general and at $AMZN, $HPQ, $ATHR, and $QCOM in particular. (24/7 Wall St)

$LWSN, $TOL, $HAIN, and $MA all passing the insider trading screen at (