Tradestreaming Hedge Fund Guru Portfolio continues to outperform

Well, my Tradestreaming Hedge Fund rebalanced last week. The portfolio (access details here) is up almost 20% YTD, handily beating the S&P500 which is up a bit over 12% on the year.

I sold $MIC and $PCLN, two stocks that I’ve owned for the bulk of 2012. $MIC was a big winner and $PCLN had been as well, until it gave back much of its gains in August.

So far in 2012, I’ve made 17 trades. The portfolio is based upon the research I published in Tradestream Your Way to Profits and mimics certain strategies of 12 top hedge fund managers. It’s not as simple as merely aping top hedge funds’ trading — certain hedge funds replicate differently than others.

For example, investors may begin to approximate Warren Buffett’s returns by buying his largest holding while Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman may replicate best by buying his newest holding.

Anyway, couple more details about the Tradestreaming Hedge Fund Guru Portfolio

  • 70.6% of trades profitable
  • 0.622 correlation with S&P500
  • Sharpe Ratio of 1.743

For more details, check out my strategy on Collective2