Beginner’s Guide to Motif Investing

The investing landscape has changed tremendously over the past few years — mostly in ways that directly benefit individual investors.

  • Transparency is increasing
  • Fees are decreasing
  • Brokers are being phased out in favor of Registered Investment Advisors
  • Assets are moving from expensive, actively managed mutual funds to low cost, passively managed exchange traded funds (ETFs)

It’s this last piece that is going to serve as the focal point for this post. In fact, assets invested in U.S. ETFs just exceeded $1 trillion.

ETFs growing like weeds, investors struggle to keep up

If ETFs have evolutionized (it’s not really a revolution) our investment choices, information and commentary on how to use ETFs haven’t quite kept pace. Investors struggle to understand exactly what an ETF’s strategy is and how it’s managed.

Heck, professionals are drowning in trying to make sense of all the new ETF offerings.

A new platform, called Motif Investing, may be changing all this…

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Investing in ideas – with Motif Investing’s Hardeep Walia

There’s no lack of good investing ideas.

We all come across good, compelling investment themes in our work lives, at home, at the store.

Where we struggle as investors is finding the appropriate investing vehicle to capture our ideas. That’s where Motif Investing comes in.

Join me and co-founder/CEO of Motif Investing, Hardeep Walia for a discussion of the new investment platform, idea-driven investing, and the future of finance.

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About Hardeep

Hardeep is the cofounder and CEO of Motif Investing. He’s an successful entrepreneur and spent 6 years at Microsoft.
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