Jackass investing appears to work

I interviewed Brandywine’s Mike Dever recently on Tradestreaming Radio on the launch of his book, Jackass Investing (Amazon).

Dever’s done an admirable job making his strategies available to the public (and his returns, too).  The August report on the Symphony Portfolio (described in Jackass) showed a return of over 2% vs. the $SPY ‘s loss of over 5%.

Pretty non-jackass to me.

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Busting jackass myths to find more profitable investment strategies – with Mike Dever

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I’ve been a fan of Mike Dever and his firm, Brandywine Asset Management since I first began learning about mutual funds 20 years ago. Mike joins us today on Tradestreaming Radio to discuss his new book, Jackass Investing— a book with 30 years of hard-earned investment experience. Mike describes multiple myths investors (and the media!) have about investing — and then proceeds to bust them. In this podcast, you’ll learn: