Boring financial products

When was the last time you looked at a financial product (and no, you can’t include CDS or RMBS in this question) and were wowed. It’s been awhile for me (I don’t get out much).

Well, it got me thinking. Earlier this week I went into a restroom and was surprised to find — not the usual hand drier — but something that really piqued my interest. It was a totally new design, completed drying my hands in 7 seconds, and created no waste. I’m so used to the old-school, rusty metallic versions that take forever to complete their only task (I’d be interested to see the pre-dry abandonment rate for traditional hand-driers).

It was interesting enough that it got me thinking how little influential innovation has happened in the finance industry over the past few years. I’ve got 714 ETFs to invest in U.S. large cap stocks. Great.

Check out the video below — it’s in Hebrew (the product is Israeli) and the product’s website.