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George Urdea

CEO, Nobly POS

I am the co-founder and CEO of Nobly Point of Sale and started the business over 7 years ago. We have merchants in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Although we focus on the POS, we actively work with and have integrated with over 10 payment providers, and have managed to get plenty of exposure to the payments via our investors and partners.

  • Posted on: 07/15/2020As the effects of COVID-19 continue to rise in the U.S., so does the use of contactless payments

    We also see this trend in Canada, the UK, and Australia for the ~50% of our POS customers who use an integrated payment partner. From the merchant conversations we have had, the (obvious) key driver is health & safety. However, over the past couple of years, we have seen a rise in the number of cashless merchants in our portfolio, so Covid merely accelerated this trend.