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Betsy Eisenberg

Head of Partner Success, Akoya

Betsy Eisenberg joined Akoya with a focus on the building and driving the partnership ecosystem, including partner relations, client success, and onboarding. Among other things, Betsy is working to establish and lead Akoya’s partner onboarding and activation strategy, establish a partner nurturing program to grow and expand our developer network, build out a revenue business model for the partner side of the platform, and drive communications and outreach to support the brand. Betsy brings to Akoya a wealth of experience in both startups and more established firms, coming from roles in product management and strategy. Betsy has spent the last 2+ years leading partnerships and operations for TradeIt, a company focused on building the API Infrastructure to connect app developers with Financial Institutions. Her experience with compliance, due diligence, integration, design and roll-out will be a big asset to Akoya. Prior to TradeIt, Betsy spent 5 years at EDGAR Online, a data source for financial data derived from SEC filings. While at EDGAR Online, Betsy conceptualized and executed on the API strategy and developer ecosystem for the firm and ultimately managed product, operations, sales and account management for a portfolio of $12MM in business that ranged from multi-million dollar clients to retail clients. Past experiences have also included product management, business development and strategy roles at Yahoo! Finance, TILE Financial, a NY-based PFM start up, Seeking Alpha, NYSE and JPMorganChase. Betsy graduated with Honors from Brown University and holds an MBA from Georgetown University. She volunteers for Brown University and serves as a mentor for the Forte Foundation, supporting young women looking to attend business school.

  • Posted on: 08/06/2020The ‘art and science’ of resilience: How FIs and fintech startups are rebuilding

    While its clear the coronavirus is catalyzing Open Finance, if we truly want to see mainstream adoption of fintech tools and services then we must provide consumers more data security and privacy. We need to remove login credentials from financial data sharing and ensure consumers can permission all parties with whom they want to share their data. The sooner we can adopt these as table stakes, the sooner we can enable institution-fintech collaboration that drives financial services forward. Without industry-wide adoption of common API specs, data access agreements, security assessments, and consumer-driven permissioning, there will continue to be security risks and consumer concerns that will prevent Open Finance from really taking hold.