Tearsheet’s 2021 Guide to Data Aggregation

  • Financial data ecosystems are being built around financial institutions and fintech firms.
  • Tearsheet's 2021 Guide to Data Aggregation

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Tearsheet’s 2021 Guide to Data Aggregation

Financial data has become an underpinning of the modern financial industry. Institutions that thrive will make use of that data to build ongoing customer relationships. Firms that can use financial data to deliver better outcomes will thrive. Accessing useful financial data from thousands of different sources isn’t trivial.

An entire ecosystem has arisen around it: the financial data aggregation industry. While there’s overlap between data aggregators, they’re not all created equal. Crucial differences in coverage, value-added services, and pricing can determine the success of a partnership. And new data sets are being made accessible, so data firms are differentiating themselves, too.

Created via in-depth research and interviews with top leaders, Tearsheet’s 2021 Guide to Data Aggregation includes:

  • An overview of data aggregation and the growing ecosystems of financial data around banks and fintechs
  • In-depth analysis of the trends powering growth in the industry
  • A look toward the future and to where open finance is headed
  • Individual profiles of the leading companies in the space

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Download: Tearsheet’s 2021 Data Guide

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  • Tearsheet's 2021 Guide to Data explores trends and opportunities in financial data.
Tearsheet Editors | June 17, 2021
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Five things we learned from Tearsheet’s second DataDay Conference

  • The financial services industry – including banks, fintechs and aggregators – are focusing on ways to allow for secure, consumer-permissioned data access.
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