Introducing Tearsheet’s inaugural Bankchain Conference, BNPL’s fraud problem, major Russian banks excluded from SWIFT

  • BNPL is growing, sure -- but so is the fraud surrounding it.
  • With Russia invading the Ukraine, the financial services industry retaliates.

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Introducing Tearsheet’s inaugural Bankchain Conference, BNPL’s fraud problem, major Russian banks excluded from SWIFT

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Fast approval fertile for stolen and synthetic identities: BNPL’s fraud problem

In 2022, BNPL is poised to grow by 66.5% to reach $82 billion in transaction volume annually. In addition, as more people use BNPL, adoption is growing steadily with a CAGR of 32.5% between 2022-2028. 

In the shadows, however, adoption by fraudsters is also surging.

BNPL fraud rate grew by 66% YoY between 2020 and 2021. Bad actors are defrauding BNPL payment systems to steal items ranging from fast food to video game consoles, according to experts

There is risk involved in every type of payment method, and it is only through iteration that emerging models find their fit for the market. There’s a learning curve as retailers and providers learn how to protect against risk, and consumers learn how to use the new method wisely — and that curve can have some teething pain as we all get used to it. 

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Introducing Tearsheet's inaugural Bankchain Conference

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are making their way into the mainstream from the early adopters crowd. It’s starting with the basics: mainly with cryptocurrency trading and Bitcoin-based spending rewards. Traditional institutions inhabit a spectrum of blockchain adoption -- some have launched products, and others are still planning to, but they’re all talking about it. It’s happening and it’s likely to have a transformative impact on financial services.

Join Tearsheet's inaugural Bankchain Conference as we explore the strategies different FIs are employing when it comes to tackling crypto: from trading to stablecoins to custody. Hear from the leading blockchain firms working with FIs – like Coinbase, Paxos, Ripple, Zero Hash, and more. 

Join us on May 24 - 25 to learn what it takes for FIs and fintechs to partner together to launch new products.

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The latest briefing

Banking Briefing: Major Russian banks excluded from SWIFT

As Russia wages war on Ukraine, the US, Canada, and EU allies are cutting off major Russian banks from interbank messaging system SWIFT. 

SWIFT currently functions as the interbank messaging system among over 11,000 banks in more than 2,000 countries.

The move means Russia will be cut off from a significant portion of the global financial system. The major banks in the country won’t be able to communicate easily with financial institutions in other countries. 

The Russian government was already experimenting with blockchain-based solutions as an alternative to the SWIFT payment system in 2021, according to deputy foreign minister Alexander Pankin. 

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Just look at the charts

  1. Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3 explained

Source: Alvin Foo

2. The dynamics around a move to T+1 settlement in all major markets

Source: Firebrand Research

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