Daily Tearsheet: The music industry’s (potential) role in the mainstreaming of NFTs


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Daily Tearsheet: The music industry’s (potential) role in the mainstreaming of NFTs

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Marketing Briefing: Could the music industry be an inroad for mainstream NFT use?

With the NFT-minted Grammys behind us, there’s been talk of what NFTs mean for the music industry — but also what the music industry means for NFTs.

This year’s event had some pretty notable crypto sponsors, including OneOf, a music NFT platform on the Tezos blockchain, and crypto exchange Binance. 

For the music industry, NFTs give artists the chance to have more ownership over their creations.

In other news, as banks continue to get personal with their user base, Farrell Hudzik, EVP of financial institutions at Cardlytics, shares her insight on how the industry is evolving. 

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Just look at the charts

1.  CFPB enforcement actions by year

Source: Fintech Business Weekly

2. Apple Pay dominates teens’ favorite payment apps

Source: Crowdfund Insider

Today’s stories

US banks expecting big hit to revenues
The largest US banks are set to report their biggest slowdown in investment banking revenue in years as deal-making dries up (Financial Times)

Revolut reports 96% gender pay gap on bonuses
Britain’s most valuable private tech business reported a 96% gender bonus gap in 2021, a reduction of one percentage point from the previous year (Evening Standard)

Crypto industry helps write and pass its own agenda in state capitols
In the absence of federal regulations, crypto lobbyists and executives are going state by state to get favorable rules enacted (New York Times)

Shredding the myth of Bitcoin’s anonymity?
Inside the Bitcoin bust that took down the web’s biggest child abuse site (Wired)

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