Daily Tearsheet: JPMorgan Chase’s management shuffle and its impact on product, and Veem CEO on the role of blockchain in B2B payments

  • JPMC's move to agile is impacting the way design, product, engineering, and data and analytics teams are all working together.
  • Also, blockchain is being used for B2B payments. We speak to Veem's CEO Marwan Forzley about his outlook for the technology.

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Daily Tearsheet: JPMorgan Chase’s management shuffle and its impact on product, and Veem CEO on the role of blockchain in B2B payments

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How JPMorgan Chase's recent C-suite changes enable more, new, and quicker product launches

Rohan Amin, Chase’s chief product officer, and Gill Haus, Chase’s chief information officer join the Tearsheet podcast, hosted by Tearsheet’s editor in chief, Zack Miller — to talk about their roles and responsibilities in leading the firm forward into the future.

Rohan and Gill discuss the evolving dependence consumers are building around their banking apps and the role banks play in their lives. The duo discuss how product, engineering, design, and data and analytics get seats around the table. They also talk about their firm’s hiring activities and its appetite around technology talent right now.

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What's Happening in Payments Ep. 3: Veem's Marwan Forzley on the role of blockchain in B2B payments

In episode 3 of  "What’s Happening in Payments"- Veem co-founder and CEO Marwan Forzley joins host Ismail Umar.

Veem is a San Francisco-based global payments platform built for businesses. It aims to simplify international money transfers and improve the way companies pay and get paid around the world. The company uses blockchain as a payment rail to eliminate the need for intermediary banks and reduce payment costs for SMBs.

Marwan is an advocate of using blockchain technology to make cross-border payments for businesses – and that’s what he’s here to discuss.

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Just look at the charts

1. How many clicks does it take to open a bank account?


2. Money mobility network solutions

SourceDavid Jimenez Maireles

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Cross River bolsters crypto services with Chainalysis
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BoA brings out new secured credit options for SMBs
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