Daily Tearsheet: Connecting capital to sustainable projects, crypto scams, and GFANZ on net zero portfolio alignment


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Daily Tearsheet: Connecting capital to sustainable projects, crypto scams, and GFANZ on net zero portfolio alignment

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The Green Finance Podcast Ep. 7: Connecting capital to sustainable projects with Trenton Allen, CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors

Climate change awareness is growing, and it's starting to bring more capital along with it.

New investment prospects, paired with pressures coming from the public and regulators, are driving up interest in sustainable investing.

In episode 7 of the Green Finance Podcast, host Iulia Ciutina explores this topic with Trenton Allen, CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors, a DC-based financial advisory firm serving the sustainable infrastructure industry.

Trenton is an expert in energy and capital markets and leads the firm's efforts behind connecting developers and capital providers to support global sustainable infrastructure projects. He has lots of insightful things to share with us, so tune in.

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Data Snack: Crypto is evolving – and so are crypto scams

As lucrative as cryptocurrency investments may seem to be, they have historically also served as a breeding ground for scams and lost fortunes. Research by Chainalysis into illicit activities carried out through crypto points out that in 2020, $162 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from DeFi platforms. That was 31% of the total amount stolen that year.

However, the amount of cryptocurrency stolen through a DeFi protocol grew in 2021 by a lot – 1330%, to be exact.

From rug pulls to wash trading, the industry can be a quagmire for the uninitiated. But businesses like RugDoc may be able to offer some much-needed help.

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The latest briefing

Green Finance Briefing: GFANZ moves a step ahead on net zero portfolio alignment

Financial services need to decarbonize, but the banks and FIs looking to start this journey or deliver on their net-zero commitments are looking at a tricky road ahead.

It all sounds good in theory, but in practice, the whole endeavor is tremendously complicated.

We deep dive into what climate metrics financial practitioners use today, as well as the key sectors to watch when it comes to Scope 3 emissions.

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Just look at the charts

1. The economics of a credit card payment flow

Source: Hua Li

2. Disruption in payments is set to continue

Source: Panagiotis Kriaris

Today's stories

Apple Pay is everywhere now
Apple has been picked apart for so many lessons that it could start its own business school, but what the case of Apple Pay shows is that patience is a competitive edge for companies that know how to wield it. (WSJ)

Adyen shares plummet as travel costs hit first-half earnings
Payments firm Adyen’s shares fell the most in almost four years after reporting first-half results, as higher costs saw profit margins miss analyst estimates. Its EBITDA margin was 59% in the first half, which was 3 percentage points below consensus, impacted by hiring, the return of travel, event costs after the pandemic, as well as a previously announced charity commitment. (Bloomberg)

Citi launches new travel portal with Booking.com
Citi will be debuting a new portal, Citi Travel, with Booking.com to help customers plan and book their trips. It comes as Americans are eager to travel, but many report waiting for a promotion to book travels. The new platform will make use of Booking.com’s scale and range, and offer hotel reservation options, along with other benefits. (PYMNTS)

Bond expands into embedded credit
Bond Financial Technologies, an embedded finance platform, launched a new Credit Builder Card that makes it simpler for fintechs and brands to offer secured credit cards to their customers. The new credit card allows consumers to spend only the funds they have, as well as building a credit history that can help credit-challenged consumers take control of their financial futures. (Fintech Finance)

Presenting the future of commerce on TikTok
TikTok has introduced “Shopping Ads,” which the social media platform said is designed to help brands “meet shoppers wherever they are in the purchase journey” to boost demand and sales. The solution comes with three offerings brands can adopt and combine. (PYMNTS)

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