Daily Tearsheet: Bitcoin 2022 Miami, Helix’s Ahon Sarkar on rebranding Q2 and more

  • With a.recent rebrand, Q2's BaaS platform is positioned for the next stage of banking.
  • Also, Brex's software acquisition spree continues.

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Daily Tearsheet: Bitcoin 2022 Miami, Helix’s Ahon Sarkar on rebranding Q2 and more

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Bitcoin 2022 Miami: Has Bitcoin taken over the world yet?

Earlier this month, Miami hosted a major 4-day conference, Bitcoin 2022. From the “Sound Money Pass” of $110 to the VIP “Whale Pass” of $21,000, the conference attendees got in-depth crypto and Bitcoin-focused insights from major industry leaders, investors, analysts, blockchain developers, crypto podcasters, YouTubers, and influencers.

Additionally, some big announcements were made by participating companies at the event. However, Bitcoin 2022 turned out to be a mixed bag that attracted varied reactions from attendees.

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'We don't care about being the first, we care about being the best': Helix's Ahon Sarkar

Helix’s GM Ahon Sarkar joins co-host Zack Miller, Tearsheet’s Editor in Chief, on the Tearsheet Podcast to discuss:

  • The evolution of the fintech space in the past eight years, and resulting need for now-wiser early entrants to resituate themselves in the market.
  • The process behind the rebrand into Helix, and deep rooted aspiration to ‘make finance human.’
  • The changing face of Banking as a Service, its unique challenge as a product through time, and what it means to stand out in an increasingly crowded landscape.
  • more...

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Just look at the charts

1. Fintechs are expanding their offerings to become full-service providers

SourceQED Investors

2. Growing emergence of B2B BNPL solutions is expanding rapidly 

SourceFrancesco Burelli

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Mastercard to tie all employee bonuses to meeting ESG goals
Mastercard will link all employee bonuses to ESG initiatives, expanding an earlier program that was limited to its senior executives (Reuters)

Silvergate Bank's Q1 net income nearly doubles to $24.7 million
Crypto-focused Silvergate Bank recorded net income available to common shareholders of $24.7 million in Q1 2022, almost doubling the figure from $12.7 million for the corresponding quarter last year (CoinDesk)

Artists can fairly share royalties by relying on Stem
Access to simple and powerful financial tools have empowered SMB growth in other industries but the music industry hasn’t solved for the same level of clarity and fairness in payments -- Stem solves this (Frank Rotman)

Blend implements a “workforce reduction plan”
Publicly traded mortgage tech company Blend Labs laid off 10% of its workforce amid major headwinds in the mortgage industry (HousingWire)

$90 million for a 10-person software startup
In line with its April 13 announcement that it’s making a “big push” into software, Brex has acquired Y Combinator-backed Pry Financials for $90 million (TechCrunch)

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