Daily Tearsheet: Behind Ocrolus’ ‘try and buy’ campaign and the 2022 guide to financial marketing, branding, and user acquisition

  • On the Acquire Podcast, we look behind fintech automation player Ocrolus' recent marketing campaign to see its mechanics and performance.
  • Also, check out Tearsheet's Guide to financial marketing, branding, and user acquisition

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Daily Tearsheet: Behind Ocrolus’ ‘try and buy’ campaign and the 2022 guide to financial marketing, branding, and user acquisition

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The 2022 guide to financial marketing, branding, and user acquisition

Last month we wrapped up Acquire Conference 2022 – our guide recaps what the top fintech and financial services firms are doing to grow their businesses.

We brought together the top banks and payment companies to discuss the attributes of successful branding, marketing, product, and customer service in today’s market. We heard from executives at Mastercard, Affirm, Betterment, Acorns, Stash, Strawberry Frog, and more. 

Closing the conference with Acquire Awards, we awarded and celebrated Yotta, Current, Zelle, Lili, Publicis Sapient, Novo, Wachsman, and recognized a dozen other honorable mentions. 

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The Acquire Podcast Ep. 3: Give a little, get a lot – Ocrolus’ try and buy campaign

On episode 3 of Acquire, Tearsheet’s Marketing Podcast — Rebecca Alma Cohen, Head of Tearsheet Studios speaks with John Forrester, SVP of Product at Ocrolus.

Ocrolus is a document automation platform that powers the digital lending ecosystem. John talks about Ocrolus’ “try and buy” offering launched last year, allowing any size lender – and non-lenders – to upload their financial documents for free.

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Just look at the charts

1. Airline B2B payments vendor landscape 

SourcePaul van Alfen

2. What makes a company “future ready” ?

SourceHarvard Business Review

Today’s stories

The first of its kind by a major U.S. bank
Goldman Sachs has teamed up with Galaxy Digital Holdings to execute its first over-the-counter crypto options transaction (Finextra)

“Ramp for Travel” is now operating
After $750 million funding, corporate card and expense platform Ramp is doubling down on its shift towards helping companies manage their travel, not just receipts (Skift)

Tomo aims to be a “PayPal for the mortgage industry”
Tomo, the company which speeds up the mortgage approval process, raised a $40 million Series A round at a $640 million valuation, doubling the company’s value after it raised a $70 million seed round last year (GeekWire)

Finally, the SMB accounting startup raises $95 million
Finally, a fintech startup with a mission to help small businesses automate their accounting and finance functions, announced a $95 million Series A, including both equity and debt (TechCrunch)

How the end of the zero-rate era will affect banks?
Banks funded with deposits may have an advantage over market-funded competitors as rates rise, but it isn’t insurmountable (The Wall Street Journal)

FreedomPay bags mobile POS deal with Sephora
FreedomPay, a leading commerce platform, partners with Sephora USA, to integrate FreedomPay’s data-driven commerce technology platform in Sephora’s 500 plus stores across America (Finextra)

FTX invests $100 million in banking app, Dave
Dave, a publicly-traded banking app, has made a strategic partnership with FTX US, the stateside arm of cryptocurrency exchange giant FTX (CoinDesk)

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