Daily Tearsheet: After a booming 2021, fintech valuations are facing some hiccups

  • After a sunny 2021, fintech valuations are looking at cloudier numbers this year.
  • A bit of Land of the Apes, a dash of the Matrix, and you've got yourself a typical Wednesday.

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Daily Tearsheet: After a booming 2021, fintech valuations are facing some hiccups

Fintech valuations seriously challenged after a booming 2021

Private investors have switched gears on fintech companies, pressured by the recent market sell-off to start scrutinizing valuations – a 180 degree switch from the enthusiasm displayed just a year ago.

Fintechs in need of capital might hit a wall of skepticism from both private and public markets, which are eyeing more economic discipline given financial performances in the sector and wider macroeconomic conditions. 

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The 2022 guide to financial marketing, branding, and user acquisition

Last month we wrapped up Acquire Conference 2022 – our guide recaps what the top fintech and financial services firms are doing to grow their businesses.

We brought together the top banks and payment companies to discuss the attributes of successful branding, marketing, product, and customer service in today’s market. We heard from executives at Mastercard, Affirm, Betterment, Acorns, Stash, Strawberry Frog, and more. 

Closing the conference with Acquire Awards, we awarded and celebrated Yotta, Current, Zelle, Lili, Publicis Sapient, Novo, Wachsman, and recognized a dozen other honorable mentions.  

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Just look at the charts

Embedded payments becoming embedded habits

Source: JP Morgan's 'Payments are eating the world'

Private funding is fun, fun, fun

Source: Dealroom

Today's stories

Jeeves Louise! That's a lot of cheese
Jeeves raises $180 million in its Series C round, just seven months after raising $57 million in its Series B round. (TechCrunch)

Stash's stock-back card's got some competition
Robinhood just launched its new debit card, which will allow users to round up change to the nearest dollar and invest in whichever assets they choose (Reuters)

Could ChargeAfter give banks an inroad to BNPL?
The multi-lender BNPL platform is looking at a $44 million Series B funding round, led by, among others, Citi Ventures (Finextra)

A little bit of the Matrix, a little bit of Land of the Apes
Yuga Labs, the company behind the NFT project Bored Ape Yacht Club, is now valued at $4 billion. Next on its list is dabbling in an NFT-based metaverse. (TechCrunch)

Guangzhou is joining Beijing and Shanghai in regulated, fintech fun
The city is introducing a new plan that will encourage local fintech initiatives. (South China Morning Post)

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