Daily Tearsheet: A day in the life of the founder and CEO of TomoCredit, and agenda closed for Tearsheet’s Bankchain Conference

  • Today on Tearsheet, we look at TomoCredit's founder and her personal story that paved the way to starting a company for the credit invisible.
  • Also, our Bankchain Conference is coming up and the speaker list looks great.

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Daily Tearsheet: A day in the life of the founder and CEO of TomoCredit, and agenda closed for Tearsheet’s Bankchain Conference

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“My experience gave me the idea of a problem I can fix”: A day in the life of Kristy Kim, founder and CEO of TomoCredit

At just eleven years old, Kristy Kim came to the US from South Korea. This meant that Kim had to figure out many things on her own, and among the many challenges she had to face was also the issue of integrating into the US financial system, which can be very opaque for an outsider.

No one had told Kim about credit scores, for example. Credit scores are a huge part of someone’s financial life in the US and are very difficult to obtain as a first-generation immigrant. One can get an education or a job, but a credit card or a credit score is a whole different kind of beast. 

However, Kim turned this problem into an opportunity, and her experience inspired her to found TomoCredit to help others start their credit journeys.

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Update: Agenda closed for Bankchain Conference May 24-25, 2022

We've closed our agenda for our Tearsheet's upcoming Bankchain Conference May 24-25, 2022. We'll explore the strategies different FIs are employing when it comes to tackling crypto: from trading to stablecoins to custody. Hear from the leading blockchain firms working with FIs – like Coinbase, Paxos, Ripple, Zero Hash, and more. 

Join us online May 24 – 25 to learn what it takes for FIs and fintechs to partner together to launch new blockchain and crypto products. 

(For tickets: Sign up here)

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Just look at the charts

1. The blockchain projects in the market and their capacity


2. Fast was trying to grow till the very end

SourceDaniel Rubin

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PayPal announces new rewards for its PayPal Cashback Mastercard
PayPal is revamping its co-branded PayPal Cashback Mastercard credit card, which will now give users 3% cashback when they check out using PayPal and 2% cashback on all other Mastercard purchases (TechCrunch)

"Fly now, pay later" in the Canadian skies
 Visa announced a collaboration with Air Canada to bring its Visa Installment Solution, a BNPL solution to the Canadian airline (Finovate)

Mizuho’s bearish outlook on Coinbase’s NFT segment
Crypto exchange Coinbase’s plan to launch an NFT marketplace this year is drawing some skepticism from an analyst, which says interest in NFTs “appears to be dwindling” (CoinDesk)

Online fraud rockets 233% during the pandemic
Feedzai released its quarterly Financial Crime Report, concluding that while online transactions grew 65%, online fraud attack rates grew by 233% since 2021 (Fintech Finance)

Starling & Zopa are profitable, what's next for other UK challenger banks?
Starling Bank has been profitable for the past 18 months, and additionally, British challenger digital bank Zopa has also become profitable 21 months after gaining its full UK banking license in June 2020 (UKTN)

Fast has made the difficult decision to shut doors
Fast, a startup that provided online checkout products, announced it will shut down -- its 2021 revenue growth was modest, while its cash burn high and its fundraising options limited (TechCrunch)

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