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Business model reengineering is critical to serving the $300 billion SMB market

  • Banks and fintechs will have to partner up, trade knowledge and expertise, to effectively and profitably serve SMBs.
  • Let me play the same horn for a bajilionth time: there is no SMB banking without embedded finance solutions.

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Business model reengineering is critical to serving the $300 billion SMB market


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The magic behind serial entrepreneurship: How Suneera Madhani is translating the learnings from her first fintech to the second

  • Building a fintech isn't a task for the faint of heart, especially given the current climate. But case studies like Suneera Madhani show that it not only gets easier every time you set out to build a fintech from the ground up, it also allows you to work on the ecosystem rather than just a narrow problem set.
  • Madhani's story is an instructive example of how aspiring entrepreneurs can find the right muse, how they should build their networks and what levers they should pull to build successful business models.
Rabab Ahsan | July 16, 2024
Member Exclusive, SMB Finance

How Relay, a Toronto-based neobank, is gaining ground in the US SMB market

  • What motivated Relay's Canadian founders to target the US market?
  • Co-founder & CEO Yoseph West shares about Relay's US SMB target market, growth strategies, and the challenges associated with serving this segment
Sara Khairi | June 27, 2024
Banking, Member Exclusive, SMB Finance

How financial firms are stepping up with new tools, experiences, and guidance to serve SMBs

  • SMBs are keen to invest in AI and boost their digital payment adoption. Concurrently, they expect their financial service providers to focus on these areas.
  • Financial firms are investing in SMB digitization tools and boosting embedded payments strategies, while also exploring diverse and unconventional approaches.
Sara Khairi | May 30, 2024
Payments, SMB Finance

SMBs are increasingly opting for real-time payments, leaving credit cards behind as their preferred choice

  • Healthcare SMBs are increasingly turning to RTP payments for A2A transfers, surpassing credit cards and checks in usage over the past year.
  • As healthcare provider businesses increasingly integrate instant payments, two notable factors stand out that shape the adoption and usage of real-time payment rails across this sector.
Sara Khairi | May 01, 2024
Banking, SMB Finance

U.S. Bank’s Shruti Patel on the future of SMBs and how the bank is positioning itself to align with their needs

  • U.S. Bank's Shruti Patel explains how the firm is adapting its approach to serve the evolving needs of SMBs in the coming months.
  • "I am really excited about several product launches we have planned for this year... they will bring to life our strategy to deliver a fully integrated suite of banking + payments + software solutions for our clients.”
Sara Khairi | April 24, 2024
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