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Download Tearsheet’s Buyers Guide to Banking as a Service 2021

  • Banking as a service offerings are helping top brands offer banking products and services to their customers.
  • Tearsheet's 2021 Guide to Banking as a Service looks at the top players in the market.

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Download Tearsheet’s Buyers Guide to Banking as a Service 2021

The nature of the financial institution is changing. Banking as a Service turns every app, software, retailer and business into a bank. And people are responding in kind — with the uptake of BaaS, consumers are showing that they want to bank with the brands they love.

It isn’t about banks vs. non-banks — Banking as a Service is about collaboration and tapping into the best each player in the ecosystem can offer.

Tearsheet’s BaaS Guide brings brings together financial institutions, technology players, and other firms from industries outside of finance adopting financial services.

Learn about new products and services from the best Banking as a Service platforms from executives at firms like Fiserv, Plaid, MX, Finicity, and others. We also take a look at some of the newer players like Unit and Bond, as well.

Tearsheet’s 2021 Guide to Banking as a Service is sponsored by Strands.

Tearsheet’s Guide to Banking as a Service includes:

  • Trends in the market as more brands and banks turn to embedded finance
  • Short interviews with executives at the leading firms
  • Benchmarking firms and offerings
  • Examples of partnerships leading BaaS firms have forged with fintechs and other brands
  • Much more

Download here

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