Tearsheet introduces the Best Retail / Fintech Partnership Award

  • The Tearsheet Best Retail / Fintech Award submissions are open now.
  • We're looking for the the best collaborations between retailers and fintech firms.

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Tearsheet introduces the Best Retail / Fintech Partnership Award

For years, leading retailers have been deeply integrating payments into their customer journeys. It’s not just about selling items, anymore. It’s about finding a way to support a customer through the entire buying cycle. Checkout doesn’t stand in the way of the transaction. Taking a credit card or payment is silky smooth, enjoyable, and increasingly invisible to the customer.

Collaboration plays to the strengths of retailers, tapping into their intimate knowledge of their customers and of the products they sell.

It also plays to the strengths of fintech firms, unleashing the power of technology, creativity, and focus on achieving payments at scale.

Retail / Fintech partnerships are happening

We’re seeing retailers and fintechs collaborate in a variety of ways — from developing omnichannel experiences, POS lending, ecommerce platforms, and managed debit card programs.

As Tearsheet’s coverage continues to track the convergence of tech and finance, we’re seeing real integrations that go way beyond just connecting APIs or doing a co-marketing direct mail campaign.

The Best Tearsheet Retail / Fintech Partnership Award

To recognize these partnerships and celebrate the companies behind these creative and impactful tie-ups, we’re launching the Best Tearsheet Retail/Fintech Partnership Award.

We’re looking to identify the best and most creative partnerships that create value beyond the sum of the parts, that move the needle beyond just PR releases and marketing pitches.

Does your financial institution or fintech have a great story to tell about partnerships? We’d like to hear it.

Submissions are open now.

Top judges

We’ve got a panel of amazing judges for our first program — the Bank / Fintech Partnership Awards. We’re adding more every day, too.

  • John Stecher, Chief Innovaton and Technology Officer, Barclays
  • Amy Harris, VP Marketing, Payfone
  • Vikas Raj, Managing Director, Accion Venture Lab
  • Betsy Eisenberg, VP of Product, TradeIt
  • Allyson Torsak, VP, FinTech, Credit, Payments, WebBank
  • Seth Ross, SVP of Business Development, GreenDot
  • Rachel Reichblum, Director, Product Communications, SoFi
  • Tripp Shriner, Partner, Point72 Ventures

Does your retail company or fintech have a great story to tell about partnerships? We’d like to hear it.

Submissions are open now.

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