Introducing the Challenger Awards

  • Tearsheet has launched the 2020 Challenger Awards.
  • We're recognizing the best, most innovative players in the digital banking space.

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Introducing the Challenger Awards

Consumers want more from their banks. And at the same time, there are so many new players getting into the field. Challenger banks provide a good alternative but non-financial brands like Walmart, Apple, and Google offer or will offer banking products.

Tearsheet’s Challenger Awards is the financial industry’s top awards program focused on digital banking. Direct Banks, Digital Banks, Challenger Banks — banking is moving digitally and the Challenger Awards are designed to celebrate incumbents and startups alike in the field.

The awards program is open to incumbents with digital offerings, stand along digital banks, and fintechs and companies in entirely different fields moving into banking services.

You don’t need to have your own banking license for your customers to do banking activities with you and you don’t need a license to apply for the Challenger Awards.

Choose from the following Challenger Awards for a chance to be recognized as the trendsetting company in this industry:

  • Best Banking App
  • Best Partner Bank
  • Best New Product
  • Most Innovative Bank
  • Best New Digital Bank
  • Best Digital Campaign
  • Best Bank for Families
  • Best New Challenger Bank
  • Best Banking Card Product
  • Best Personal Finance Manager
  • Digital Consumer Bank of the Year
  • Digital Commercial Bank of the Year
  • Challenger Consumer Bank of the Year
  • Challenger Commercial Bank of the Year

Tearsheet’s Challenger Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate the companies and products ushering the new era of banking services. Have a good story to tell? We’d like to hear it.

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