Introducing Tearsheet’s Data Awards 2021

  • Tearsheet has launched the 2021 Data Awards.
  • We're recognizing the leaders, companies and professionals, driving the growth of this exciting industry.

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Introducing Tearsheet’s Data Awards 2021

As apps and institutions further integrate, data and data sharing have become the building blocks of modern finance. Entire ecosystems are being built around financial institutions and fintechs that incorporate rich and impactful information about their customers.

Data powers the modern financial system, requiring that the data be clean, comprehensive, and insightful.

Tearsheet’s Data Awards 2021 are the premier awards program in the financial data industry.

2021’s Data Awards are intended to recognize and celebrate the leading companies and professionals, driving the growth of this exciting industry.

Choose from the following Data Awards categories for a chance to be recognized as the trendsetting company in this industry.

  1. Data Innovation Award
  2. Data Company of the Year
  3. Best Alternative Data Product
  4. Best Data Marketing Campaign
  5. Best New Alternative Data Product
  6. Best Customer Data Implementation Award
  7. Best Data Aggregator / FI Partnership Award
  8. Best Data Aggregator/Bank Partnership Award
  9. Best Data Aggregator / Fintech Partnership Award
  10. Most Creative Customer Data Implementation Award

The Data Awards are designed to identify and recognize the great work being done in data aggregation, alternative data, and innovation around data in financial services and fintech.

Have a good story to tell? We’d like to hear it. Apply here.

2020 Data Award Winners

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