Introducing Tearsheet’s 2019 Innovation Program Awards

  • To stay ahead, FIs are investing heavily in their innovation programs.
  • The Tearsheet Innovation Program Awards want to celebrate the leaders in the space.
Introducing Tearsheet’s 2019 Innovation Program Awards

Innovation is the name of the finance game.

Large incumbent financial institutions are honing their innovation game by tapping into internal and external sources of innovation. The best organizations have systematized this and run innovation programs that aim to get the most out of their resources.

Some organizations have created innovation ecosystems that feed their firms with fresh fintech dealflow, creative ideas from the ground up, partnership opportunities, and academic collaboration.

The Innovation Program Awards

To recognize leading innovation programs and celebrate the companies behind them, we’re launching the Tearsheet Innovation Program Awards.

We’re looking to identify both the best and most creative innovation programs that create value beyond the sum of the parts, that move the needle beyond just PR releases and marketing pitches.

Does your financial institution or fintech have a great story to tell about your innovation program? We’d like to hear it.

Submissions are open now (until September 27)

A different type of award

A lot of media firms run awards programs. We want to do something different.

Open Awards: Many awards programs end in a typical self-congratulatory event that costs hundreds of dollars (at least) to attend. I don’t know — it feels kind of old boys, exclusive country clubish.

With the Tearsheet awards, we want to do something digital. Our awards programs will happen all online — open to everyone. The award show — if you want to call it that — will happen via a podcast, freely open to everyone.

More content, more experience: Instead of doing a data dump of awards one time a year, we’re going to do a surgical award program every month. And unlike awards programs that seem separated from our core mission, our awards programs will be integrated into the content that we’re reporting on every single day.

Awards, Podcasts

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