The 2022 Banking on the Planet Awards winners

  • The role the banking and finance sector plays in the fight against climate change is growing increasingly important, with consumers demanding more transparency, accountability and action.
  • Tearsheet’s inaugural Banking on the Planet awards recognize the companies brave enough to take the lead in changing the banking and finance systems towards becoming sustainable.

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The 2022 Banking on the Planet Awards winners

The role the banking and finance sector plays in the fight against climate change is growing increasingly important. One can’t deny the pressures that are coming from consumers who demand more transparency, accountability and action.

Sustainability is becoming a priority for businesses of all kinds, including banking. But they cannot change their practices without the help of technology and data service providers, which are the main drivers of innovation in this sector and can bring the knowledge and expertise to facilitate an effective transition to a net zero economy.

Tearsheet’s inaugural Banking on the Planet awards recognize the companies brave enough to take the lead in developing the railways for incumbents to implement sustainable practices, and the banks and fintechs placing climate-aligned values within their business model.

Our 2022 winners include:

Best Green Finance Product: Doconomy

Doconomy is making carbon impact calculations accessible to global banks, driving conscious consumption. Its software enables transactional environmental impact calculations for global banks, allowing for millions of people to carry in their pockets the technology empowering them to track, measure, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Doconomy’s also developing an Impact Dashboard, a management/reporting tool for consumer credit portfolios that enables banks to aggregate the information provided to their consumers.

Best Green Finance/Fintech Partnership: Doconomy

Doconomy formed numerous partnerships in the banking and fintech space. Its strategy was to partner with leading banks, using a one-to-many approach for distribution, to build automated environmental impact calculations globally.

In the fintech space, it formed a notable partnership with Klarna, a leading global retail bank, payments, and shopping service, to build a tool for visualizing consumers’ carbon footprint, and providing real-time carbon emissions calculations on purchase data.

Best Corporate ESG Policy: Climate First Bank

Climate First Bank is the world’s first values-based FDIC bank founded to fight the climate crisis. The bank will not fund environmentally harmful loans, and is incentivizing stakeholders to embrace environmentalism.

Powered by Environmental, Social and Governance principles and headquartered in Florida, a state destined to be the epicenter of climate change-induced effects, Climate First Bank operates as a vehicle for positive change and showcases how financial institutions can lead the charge in achieving a net-zero economy.

Green Finance Firm of the Year: Aspiration

Since its beginnings a decade ago, Aspiration has pioneered sustainability-focused consumer financial services.

The fintech introduced fossil fuel free spending and saving, impact scores that help its members’ shop sustainably, democratized best in class ESG investing, embedded carbon offsetting tied to purchases.

Aspiration also created the world’s first credit card built around fighting the climate crisis, putting the power of automated climate action directly into the hands of consumers.

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