New speakers announced for T-PoP conference: Roshni Joshi (Wise), Darren Parslow (Visa)

  • T-POP is Tearsheet's exclusive conference for top professionals in the payments space.
  • Executives from Goldman Sachs, Citi, Intuit, Square and more will share their views on where the market is headed.

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New speakers announced for T-PoP conference: Roshni Joshi (Wise), Darren Parslow (Visa)

On September 15 in NYC, Tearsheet’s Power of Payments Conference (T-POP) will bring together the top professionals and brands in the payments space to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by an undeniable need to stay ahead of the curve of a rapidly changing landscape.

We have two new speakers announced for the show.

Roshni Joshi

Head of Banking and Expansion - North America, Wise

Roshni will discuss the evolution of cross-border payments in the US banking ecosystem. Cross-border payments were one of the first footholds fintechs took to compete. Volumes are up as more consumers send money over an increasing number of payment corridors.

Companies like Wise have expanded their services to get a larger share of their customers' wallets. That means new products that move closer to banking but also B2B partnerships with traditional financial institutions looking to offer easy to use cross-border payments.

Darren Parslow

Global Head of Visa Business Solutions, Visa

The uptick in post-pandemic e-commerce has accelerated digitization on the business side. But B2B payments haven't experienced the same streamlining the consumer payments have. They're still hard -- that's why 30% of transactions in the US are still cash and paper.

Darren will discuss the major trends impacting SMB payments -- things like supply chain finance, digital onboarding, automated underwriting, and expense management. He'll look at the challenges and opportunities payments firms have ahead in servicing the SMB customer.

To learn more about T-POP and to get a ticket (seats are limited to 150), go here.

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