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Challengers 2021: The Guide to Challenger Banking

  • In November 2021, Tearsheet hosted its inaugural The Big Bank Theory Conference.
  • Download our Challengers Guide, focused on the top trends and companies in the challenger banking space.

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Challengers 2021: The Guide to Challenger Banking

Today’s consumers and businesses are increasingly turning to the digital arms of incumbent banks and upstart challenger banks. Banks, large and small, are finding ways to connect with their customers at a deeper level, providing them with products and services that speak more directly to their needs.

A new generation of challenger banks is emerging. Focused on a niche with specific needs like people of color and LGBTQ, these banks are redefining what it truly means to be a community bank.

Tearsheet’s Big Bank Theory Conference, held November 2021, combined our Challengers and Embedded Conferences. Senior leaders at firms like Square, Bank of America, Current, Citi, N26, and more presented their versions and visions of how banking — both products and experiences — are changing.

Tearsheet’s Challengers Conference 2021 Guide includes:

  • Note from Tearsheet’s editor in chief, Zack Miller
  • Summary of the Challengers portion of The Big Bank Theory 2021 
  • Insights from conference speakers Square, N26, Daylight, First Boulevard, Current, and Publicis Sapient
  • All the winners and honorable mentions of Tearsheet’s Challengers Awards 2021

… and so much more. Read the full guide.

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