Apply now to join Tearsheet’s Research Panel

  • After a global pandemic and some time off, Tearsheet’s Research Panel is back in action.
  • Through January, we welcome our readers to apply and contribute their opinions and experience to our analysis in 2022.

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Apply now to join Tearsheet’s Research Panel

We’re kicking off the year and accepting applications to join our best and brightest: Tearsheet’s Research Panel.

Tearsheet’s Research Panel is made up of hundreds of select professionals, from all levels of seniority in the financial industry. They represent the most committed members of our community, and their opinions contribute to Tearsheet’s signature analysis of emerging trends in the industry.

When we have a burning question, we turn to our panelists. 

In 2019, when the banks seemed to be bleeding serviceable market share due to challenger banks on one end, and Big Tech on the other, we asked the financial professionals in Tearsheet’s Research Panel how they – the people on the ground – see the situation. We found that they saw Amazon as a lurking threat and major potential disruptor to the industry in the coming decade. And that they didn’t think so highly of Facebook (at least not back then).

In parallel, as Banking as a Service seemed to be on the rise, we wanted to know if financial professionals really foresaw it becoming a major trend. Nearly 97% of panelists agreed that BaaS is not going anywhere, and will continue to become more impactful. One panelist said, “Banking as a Service lacks customization of the services offered. It’s very take it or leave it right now.” Two years later, we know the wisdom of the crowd was true, and indeed personalization is top of mind for any player paying attention these days.

After a global pandemic and some time off, Tearsheet’s Research Panel is back in action and we welcome our readers to apply and contribute their opinions and experience to our analysis in 2022.

Applications for Q1 are open through the end of January 2022, after which applicants are selected to join our growing list of panelists. Panelists are selected across the spectrum of experience: from entry level to lifelong careers, and from FIs and fintechs to consulting and PR firms.

In return for answering periodic surveys about the industry, panel members receive early access to the research findings.

To join Tearsheet’s research panel, apply here.

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