Announcing the winners of Tearsheet’s 2023 Data Awards

  • Tearsheet has named the winners of the 2023 Data Awards.
  • We've recognized the leaders, companies and professionals, driving the growth of this exciting industry.

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Announcing the winners of Tearsheet’s 2023 Data Awards

As apps and institutions further integrate, data and data sharing have become the building blocks of modern finance. Entire ecosystems are being built around financial institutions and fintechs that incorporate rich and impactful information about their customers.

Tearsheet's Data Awards 2023 are the industry’s top awards program, recognizing and celebrating the best data products, services, and brands powering the modern financial system.

...and these are this year's winners!

Data Company of the Year: Provenir

provenir, winner of Tearsheet's 2023 Data Award

Provenir’s Data and AI-Powered Risk Decisioning Platform provides a cohesive risk ecosystem to enable smarter decisions across the entire customer lifecycle – with diverse data for deeper insights, auto-optimized decisions, and a feedback loop for improvement.

With data more accessible and usable, financial services organizations can automate complex decisions by turning predictions into decisions that drive world-class customer experiences.

Best Alternative Data Vendor: Atomic

atomic, winner of Tearsheet's 2023 Data Award

Atomic provides real-time payroll connectivity, giving consumers access to use and manage essential data residing within payroll systems.

Atomic offers a suite of API solutions covering 480+ payroll connections, including incumbent payroll providers, bespoke enterprise solutions, modern HR tech providers, gig-economy platforms, and government systems.

Atomic simplifies complex payroll and HRIS integrations, with a commitment to innovation and data connectivity for financial empowerment for its users.

Best Customer Data Implementation Award: American Express Business Blueprint

American Express Business Blueprint, winner of Tearsheet's 2023 Data Award

American Express Business Blueprint offers small businesses a "CFO in their pocket" with free cash flow analytics via My Insights.

Small businesses traditionally manage cash flow without the help of predictive analysis and cash flow projections -- resources that their larger competitors have access to.

With My Insights, small businesses can make more confident cash flow management decisions. It helps small business owners get back to doing what they love -- baking, flower arranging, architecture or whatever their passion is -- versus managing their cash flow in the back office.

Data Innovation Award: Carta

Carta, winner of Tearsheet's 2023 Data Award

Carta released the first database of international salary and equity compensation data — including geo-adjusted compensation rates for over 40 countries, making it possible for venture-backed startups to practice fair compensation practices internationally.

Carta uses its own proprietary machine learning model to build benchmarks capturing compensation for roles within the U.S. based on equity and salary data from over 250,000 employees within Carta Total Compensation. The platform then uses data from non-U.S. employees to create custom geo-adjustments for non-U.S. markets.

Best Alternative Data Product: Argyle

Argyle, winner of Tearsheet's 2023 Data Award

Argyle provides consumer-permissioned direct-source income verification and employment data. Through real-time, cost-effective technology, Argyle prioritizes more equitable financial access and improving the lending process for consumers and institutions alike.

Argyle’s latest platform launch, Argyle 2.0 includes updates to Argyle Link, Console, and API, transforming how businesses retrieve and operationalize income and employment data, an essential but historically siloed dataset that
underpins consumer access to financial services.

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