Announcing 2023 Tearsheet’s Acquire Award winners

  • Tearsheet has named the winners of its 2023 Acquire Awards.
  • We're recognizing the best customer-facing work in financial services, including marketing, branding, and content.

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Announcing 2023 Tearsheet’s Acquire Award winners

Tearsheet's Acquire Awards are the financial industry's top awards program focused on marketing, customer acquisition, and growth.

This generation's financial services and fintech companies are deeply focused on achieving scale, one customer at a time.

The Acquire Awards are intended to identify and celebrate the best customer-facing work in financial services.

Here are the 2023's winners of Tearsheet's Acquire Awards:

Best Content Series: SoFi

Personal finance company SoFi is helping customers get their money right with the help of generative AI technology. Harnessing the power of Motivation AI, which is a specialized enterprise-class of generative AI for language, the SoFi Marketing team is finding innovative ways to strengthen customer engagement and relationships with personalized, AI-generated content during a period of credit tightening and high inflation rates.

SoFi leverages Persado's Motivation AI technology to deliver personalized messages that connect with customers at scale. SoFi gains insights into what messaging performs better; identifies the emotional drivers that resonate best with customers at a particular moment; applies these insights to connect with customers on a personalized 1:1 basis, and meets each customer’s needs and motivators during economic uncertainty.

Best Content Series: Zelle

Zelle partnered with Vox Media to educate consumers on how to combat common fraud and scams. Zelle and Vox Media’s partnership campaign, "The Science Behind Scams," set forth to provide consumers with the digital banking safety knowledge they need to keep their money safe in a digital world.

The campaign featured visually striking and entertaining content (videos, IG stories, an interactive quiz, a dynamic hub page, etc.) and covered a diverse range of common scams targeted its audience, including: Bank Imposter Scams, Rental Scams, Employment Scams, Tech Scams.

Best Product Marketing: Mission Lane

Mission Lane serves people trying to build or rebuild their credit and improve their financial lives. The firm launched a series of real-life customer stories to help reduce the stigma surrounding financial hardship and find powerful paths to healthier financial decisions.

The firm's articles are 100% told from the customer’s point-of-view to help readers fully understand the circumstances that create financial hardships and credit crises like divorce, job loss, catastrophic medical debt, and more. One story in particular, featuring Randy, shared how medical debt could drastically change the way you live and land in bankruptcy. Mission Lane uses this content series as a platform for customers, by customers - all sharing their stories to lift others up throughout their journeys.

Campaign of the Year: Synchrony Financial x Movable Ink

Synchrony used progressive polling to drive personalized recommendations for cardholders’ DIY projects. When
partnering with Movable Ink, Synchrony had two objectives: driving cardmember spend and personalizing at scale. Research shows a strong correlation between personalized experiences, loyalty, and purchase intent.

Synchrony was focused on finding a way to leverage its treasure troves of customer data, collect and action off even more data, and build engaging visual marketing communications. As consumers spent more time at home, Synchrony leveraged Movable Ink’s polling capability to capture zero-party data to better understand what DIY projects were a priority. The presence of the poll led to a very significant lift in open rate in the follow-up email regardless of whether customers engaged with it.

Most Creative Campaign: Ladder

Ladder's “Croc” campaign builds on So Good viral sensation with 5M+ views. The life insurance firm's creative campaign drove 4x awareness in less than 6 months. The marketing team felt its role is to stand out and took a brave and strategic risk. It was rewarded in metrics.

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