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A closer look at JPM’s Chase Media Solutions

  • JPMorgan Chase has introduced its newest endeavor, a retail media network named Chase Media Solutions. 
  • Breaking away from its traditional banking methods, Chase has embraced a rather unexpected and contemporary approach by stepping into a market already under the sway of major retailers.

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A closer look at JPM’s Chase Media Solutions

    Breaking away from its traditional banking methods, JPMorgan Chase has embraced a rather unexpected and contemporary approach by stepping into a market already under the sway of major retailers.

    The news: Chase has introduced its newest endeavor, a retail media network named Chase Media Solutions. The launch comes on the heels of the bank’s integration of Figg, a card-linked marketing platform acquired in 2022. The bank has harnessed Figg’s capabilities to establish its own, two-sided commerce platform, incorporating its business clients and banking customers.

    Looking deeper: Emerging as a new player with its own media platform, Chase sets itself apart by asserting its status as the only bank-initiated media platform of its kind, granting brands direct entry into its vast banking customer network.

    Chase’s digital media endeavor enables advertisers and marketers to leverage the bank’s consumer transaction or spending data, enabling precise targeting of Chase’s customer base of 80 million individuals.

    From both the merchants and the bank’s standpoint, a few significant points stand out:

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    A victory, but in whose favor?


    After Visa and Mastercard’s landmark settlement over swipe fees, the sentiment ‘better late than never’ resonates strongly.

    If passed, Visa and Mastercard will cut their transaction fees within the United States, a long-awaited development for merchants who stand to reap savings of up to $30 billion in interchange over the next five years. This settlement marks the culmination of a protracted legal battle initiated in 2005 by merchants, who contend that the credit card duopoly charges exorbitant payment processing fees to their detriment.

    As part of the revised terms of the networks’ rules, the two largest credit card networks and their issuing banks will also enforce caps on these new lower rates until 2030 and also eliminate anti-steering provisions.

    Separating fact from anticipation

    While the news is still fresh and unfolding, understanding the degree to which different players —  merchants, banks, or consumers — truly benefit or stand at a disadvantage in the value chain will necessitate clarity once the dust settles.

    Currently, it remains an intricate conundrum to unravel.

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