Part 2: What is Tradestreaming


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This is part two of a series that takes a birds-eye view into the concepts I develop in my book, Tradestreaming.  Readers should also subscribe to my newsletter to stay on top of all news, posts and share in some of the ideas I’ll be developing.  Subscribe here.

A Sucker’s Game

Tradestreaming is a new way to invest, made possible by Facebook and Twitter. Today’s Internet provides a level of transparency that’s never been experienced by investors. Fully taking advantage of social media from an investment perspective requires an understanding of what’s behind this change. Tradestream Your Way to Profits provides a methodology, a new way to look at investing, by using the Internet and social media to better research and mimic successful investing strategies. In this sense, the book occupies the meaty space somewhere in between a classic how-to investment book and a typical business book.

Tradestreaming = Better Way

I write a lot about the financial content and investment research industries and how the Internet is changing the rules of the game. But this analysis is done with an eye on providing actual investment strategies that best leverage this transformation. Investors themselves can decide how to proceed given the theories I develop. While investors will learn proven techniques that have been shown to make money, there are no specific formulas associated with tradestreaming. Rather, investors should finish this book smarter and more knowledgeable about what really works for profitable investors and how to use the Internet to tap into it. Tradestreaming is about identifying successful investors, strategies, and powerful computer programs and following their every move.

For investors, imitation really is the most profitable form of flattery.

Trying to beat the market may be enjoyable, but it’s a sucker’s game and not one that I want to play anymore. Social media has made it possible to easily re-create battlefield-proven investment strategies of all sorts. This book describes the strategies, how they work, and how investors can begin using them to become better investors. Investing is an ongoing learning process. Reading this book should be the start of that process, not the end.

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