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DriveWealth began with the vision of giving everyone, everywhere access to invest in the US Stock

market. Since its inception, DriveWealth has created an investing ecosystem which allows people all

over the world to invest in the powerful financial products that the US stock market has to offer. As

emerging market investors look for a safe place to deposit their investible assets and as our society

continues to rely more on technology and less on cash, DriveWealth gives people the means to fit

wealth management and investing into their lifestyles.

DriveWealth partners with global financial institutions, brokers, app developers, and technology

companies to give everyone, everywhere the ability to open a US-based brokerage account and invest

for their financial futures. The DriveWealth investing ecosystem allows individuals everywhere to open

US-based, SIPC protected brokerage accounts and invest for their futures buy accessing US stocks, ETFs,

and ADRs and building globally diversified portfolios.

DriveWealth’s proprietary investing app lets individuals all over the world execute financial transactions

from the palm of their hand, making saving and investing part of their lifestyles. DriveWealth’s partners

may white-label the Passport app or utilize our robust set of RESTful or FIX APIs to incorporate

DriveWealth’s brokerage offering directly into their native applications.

As younger generations of investors move towards a cashless society, they will expect the ability to

manage their finances from the palm of their hands. DriveWealth understands the power of mobile

investing and continues to revolutionize the financial services industry with fractional share/ dollar-

based investing. The introduction of fractional shares makes investing available to a demographic that

previously has been unable to afford the costs associated with trading. Investors now have the ability to

build and manage diversified micro portfolios in real-time with a fixed investment amount and no


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